Rhea Bhandari



Rhea Bhandari is a Designer at Luminary Labs. She brings human voices to the decision-making table, collaborating with clients, experts, and end users to simplify and customize experiences. As a multidisciplinary designer, Rhea contributes to product design, strategy, systems design, and experience design across a range of engagements.

In her past role, Rhea worked as a design strategist and product manager for a health-tech company, NeuroEquilibrium, with more than 125 clinics based in India. She created and curated seamless experiences for patients with vertigo, migraine, and diabetes and the providers who care for them.

​​Rhea has a master’s degree in Products of Design from the School of Visual Arts. Her thesis examined gaslighting and misdiagnosis women face in the healthcare industry; an app she created to help patients visualize their symptoms received a C-IDEA award and was featured at Dubai Design Week. As a part of her undergraduate thesis, Rhea designed rehabilitation tools for prosthetic limb users; these devices are now installed in two centers at BMVSS, the world’s largest prosthetic fitment organization. In her spare time, Rhea is a tennis fanatic and loves all things sport. She is also a Bollywood dance teacher.