What we believe

If you want to move a mountain, know what problem you’re solving.

The bigger the mountain, the more important it is to define the problem before developing solutions. When helping clients address complex problems in complex industries, we always start with the question “what does wild success look like?”

Smart slide decks are nice; successful programs are even better.

We help our clients “make it real” by standing up groundbreaking programs. Our role in execution is defined by the need. When fresh thinking is required, we lead execution or curate a best-in-class team. In other situations, we collaborate with existing partners and talent while transferring requisite competencies.

Every organization is different.

Consulting engagements should adapt to fit your needs, not the other way around. Our work is thoughtful and considered, taking into account an organization’s unique conditions for success. We’re particularly well-known for helping large and regulated organizations innovate while mitigating risk.

A networked culture advances the cause.

Strong connections in multiple industries allow us to punch above our weight, convening and brokering partnerships to support our client’s goals. We get up to speed quickly, connecting dots across analogous topics and disparate communities.

Innovation is both a short game and a long game.

Our clients are advocates for innovation who are constantly balancing near-term expectations with long-range planning. They’re tasked with doing something new and novel — while managing day-to-day responsibilities — and there’s no playbook for this kind of innovation.

We invest in people.

We’re thinkers, doers, and builders who come to consulting from different areas of expertise. We create more value by investing in our people. Our certified woman-owned business has been featured in publications such as Fast Company and Forbes, as well as books like The Culture Book, Geek Girl Rising, Here’s the Plan, and The Big Enough CompanyMeet the team and join us.