What we do

We help clients place big bets and launch groundbreaking initiatives.

Luminary Labs is a New York City-based strategy and innovation consultancy established in 2009. Thorny problems are our strong suit: We are energized by complex, multistakeholder spaces where the solutions are not obvious and the potential for impact is high. Our work spans a broad cross section of topics across four focus areas:

Future of work and education
You can’t prepare for a job if you don’t know that job exists or you don’t have the requisite skills. We help federal and nonprofit clients develop innovative approaches — including strategic design, pilots, technology prototyping, accelerators, incubators, and prize competitions — to expand access to education. We are currently hiring a Director, Engagement Managers, Senior Associates, and Associates to support a range of initiatives under ED ARPA, including a novel adult education program, the expansion of a professional development program to strengthen cybersecurity education, and annual competitions for high school students similar to CTE Mission: CubeSat.

Future of health
Health is placing big bets on the future — from distributed clinical trials and digital therapeutics to reinventing primary care and prevention — and we help ambitious organizations rethink what’s possible. Over the past decade, we’ve helped the health sector innovate while balancing near-term expectations by identifying where business priorities, emerging technologies, and customer needs meet. We are currently hiring a Director, Engagement Managers, Senior Associates, Associates, and freelance design research and UX talent to support the VA Suicide Prevention Grand Challenge, as well as private-sector strategy, design research, and rapid prototyping engagements.

Scientific discovery
Breakthroughs in science and technology are the result of years, if not decades, of investment in foundational science. We partner with our clients to design programs that dramatically accelerate the science and increase funding, ultimately resulting in transformative impacts on society. Our body of work in this space includes advancing how we measure Earth’s magnetic field, advancing powerful, accessible tools for scientific discovery and accelerating artificial kidney development toward human clinical trials. We’re currently designing a diagnostics moonshot for LymeX and working on neuromodulation and bioelectronic medicine. We’re also scanning the horizon for new ideas in synthetic biology and the emerging bioeconomy.

Infrastructure, once narrowly defined as investment in bridges and roads, is experiencing a renaissance. However, multidimensional frameworks are still considered novel, funders are cautious but curious, and practitioners are few and far between. Infrastructure can no longer be limited to physical — it’s also digital and social, and it must support the end goals of equity and shared prosperity. We are currently hiring Engagement Managers, Senior Associates, and Associates to support a multidimensional infrastructure prize and a landmark economic development program to simulate strategic and transformative industry clusters.

How we do it

We have an equal appreciation for strategy and execution.

We are agile, “no surprises” consultants who work closely with government, foundation, and private-sector clients to analyze a given problem space, synthesize our learnings, surface key tensions and opportunity spaces, and guide collaborative decision-making. We then translate all of this upfront thinking into the strategies and programs that turn great ideas into great realities.

To help organizations “make it real,” we convene multidisciplinary stakeholders, facilitate alignment among partners, map ecosystems, create frameworks for thoughtful and considered decision-making, build scenarios around opportunity areas, select pathways, design strategic programs — and ultimately, operationalize and launch new initiatives. When the bets are big and the stakes are high, our clients come to us for rapid alignment, smart strategies, and agile execution.

We are known for setting a high bar on all aspects of execution — including communications, innovator support, stakeholder management, evaluation, and live event production. Simply put, we take pride in running seamless, high-quality programs that deliver results for our clients.

Who we are

Be part of a high-performing team and still have a life.

We believe that career choices are not binary; you can have a challenging and rewarding career while also living your life. Our clients appreciate that we bring the highest level of excellence to everything we do — and our team appreciates that we are thoughtful and efficient so that we aren’t expected to be online later.

At Luminary Labs, you’ll be both challenged and supported in your trajectory. You’ll have a chance to lead and a chance to learn from experienced leaders, working on large-scale engagements for some of the world’s most visionary clients.

Flexibility at Luminary Labs has always meant setting clear expectations, respecting boundaries, and considering the needs of real humans. As a services organization, we are available during our client’s working hours (typically 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern). We offer flexibility during the day by leaning into the principles of transparency, respect, and trust.

Our team has embraced a hybrid model for our five-day work week, with two synchronous days in the office and three days wherever you work best.


We invest in the benefits that matter.

Benefits include:

  • Competitive compensation and formal bonus structure
    Health benefits package (80% of premium is covered for health, dental, and vision)
  • Competitive vacation package
  • Paid family leave
  • 401k plan with matching
  • Pre-tax transit check
  • Cell phone reimbursement
  • Fitness reimbursement
  • Education stipend and growth opportunities
  • Charitable donation matching
  • Opportunities to mentor and be mentored

How to apply

Details matter.

Each position listing includes instructions for submitting your application. We want to hear why you are interested in Luminary Labs and what unique points of view and skills you would bring to our team. Please include side projects, personal interests, or professional goals that paint a more complete picture of who you are and what you would contribute to the role. We read cover letters carefully and only advance those that demonstrate original thought and a passion for our work.

Last but not least, we value attention to detail. Incomplete applications or applications that don’t respond to the questions posed in the job description are not advanced.

For employment at Luminary Labs, you must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to ensure compliance with enhanced health and safety protocols.

General inquiries

We are always interested in connecting with talented and passionate people. If you’d like to join our team but don’t find an opening that interests you, contact work@luminary-labs.com.