A day in the life of a Senior Associate

A day in the life of a Senior Associate

A panel discussion with a few members of the Luminary Labs Strategy team.

As Luminary Labs leaders have shared, our company takes a different approach to consulting. But what does that mean in practice? We recently hosted a panel discussion with Luminary Labs Senior Associates Lisa-Marie Pierre, Logan Cummings, Monica Tinyo, and Natalia Allen to shed light on our work. They answered frequently asked questions — from what their day-to-day interactions look like to what work-life balance means to them — in a conversation with Luminary Labs Senior Director Jon Roberts.

A few of the questions they answered during the panel on October 14, 2022:

  • What brought you to Luminary Labs?
  • Tell us what you’re currently working on. What is daily life like as a Senior Associate at LL?
  • How would you describe open innovation?
  • Tell us about a time recently when you received help from the team or offered help to someone else.
  • Thinking about the year ahead, what excites you about your growth at Luminary Labs?
  • Did anything surprise you about the culture at Luminary Labs?
  • What’s a moment in the last week that embodied our values for you?
  • What does work-life balance mean for you, personally, and how does it play out in your experience?

Watch the recording.

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Naomi Naik
Senior Communications Associate