What it’s like to work at Luminary Labs

What it’s like to work at Luminary Labs

A live “ask me anything” conversation with CEO Sara Holoubek.

As you may have noticed, our company is growing. While adding to our team over the past year, we’ve received many questions about what it’s like to work at Luminary Labs. Even the most detailed job descriptions can’t always convey what an employee’s day-to-day experience will be like — so we crowdsourced questions from our network to be answered live during our first “ask me anything” conversation with Luminary Labs CEO Sara Holoubek.

A few of the questions Sara answered during the virtual AMA on June 28, 2022:

  • Luminary Labs says “thorny problems are our strong suit.” What makes a problem “thorny”?
  • What does wild success look like at Luminary Labs?
  • How is Luminary Labs sustaining collaboration in the new world of hybrid work?
  • How is success measured in a hybrid work environment?
  • How are project teams structured, and how are working hours managed across those teams?
  • What do you do to elevate the quality of ideas and prevent groupthink — especially when it comes to open innovation programs?
  • Do you partner with external experts? When and how?
  • What traits or habits do the most successful Luminaries have in common?
  • How does Luminary Labs support professional development?
  • Is Luminary Labs a place where an employee can have a work-intensive career? Is it a place where someone can have work-life-family balance? Is it both?
  • What qualities do you look for in a client? How do you know if a new client will be a good fit?
  • What’s a project you said “no” to, and why?
  • How does Luminary Labs prevent “scope creep” and set expectations for productive engagements?

We’re hiring strategy and innovation consultants in NYC: Learn more about working at Luminary Labs and view current job openings.


Naomi Naik
Senior Communications Associate
Jessica Hibbard
Head of Content & Community