A Luminary summer in NYC

A Luminary summer in NYC

A curated list of New York moments.

The Luminary Labs team is a curious bunch. We enjoy trying new things, going to new places, and venturing out of our comfort zones. Although there are many incredible perks that make New York a great place, our favorite is the ability to travel the world inside the city. You can begin your day with Szechuan food in Queens, browse a French bookstore on the Upper East Side, enjoy a Korean dessert in Little Italy, and pick up decidedly non-Kosher food at a Jewish deli in Brooklyn.

Last year, we created a custom map of NYC recommendations. This summer, we’re updating the map with some of our latest finds around the city. Check out our hand-picked selections below and see all 60 recommendations, including 24 just added. And if you’re curious about thorny problems, the people around you, and finding the best places to eat: Join us in New York — we’re hiring.

When you want to feel like you’re in a Paris bookstore: Albertine, ​​972 5th Ave., Manhattan.

When you need a waterfront option to grab drinks with a loud friend group: Drift In, 389 West St., Manhattan.

When you’re in the mood for a smoothie but don’t have space for a blender: Hibiscus Brew, 546 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn.

When you’re ready to show off your quarantine moves under a 10-foot disco ball at NYC’s largest outdoor dance floor: Summer for the City, Lincoln Center Plaza, Manhattan.

When you’re craving mouthwatering Chinese street food, especially liang pi: New World Mall, 136-20 Roosevelt Ave., Queens.

When you want to play basketball, volleyball, and handball on “The Riviera of New York”: Orchard Beach, Bronx.

When you want a classic New York deli experience, but also have a craving for lobster salad: Shelsky’s of Brooklyn: Appetizing & Delicatessen, 141 Court St., Brooklyn.

When you need a good playlist to go along with your vegan dan dan noodles: Spicy Moon, 68 W 3rd St., Manhattan.

When you want to talk about thorny problems with a Luminary while sipping on the best cocktails in FiDi: Split Eights, 40 Exchange Place, Manhattan.

When the New York summer heat has you losing morale and wondering how you ended up in Little Italy — you could use a cold bingsoo: Sweet Moment, 106 Mott St., Manhattan.

Photo by Jean Carlo Emer


Naomi Naik
Senior Communications Associate