A different approach to consulting

A different approach to consulting

A live “ask me anything” conversation with President Janna Gilbert.

We’re always up for sharing what it’s like to work at Luminary Labs. In a recent “ask me anything” conversation — recorded live on September 9, 2022, and moderated by Naomi Naik — Luminary Labs President Janna Gilbert answered frequently asked questions about how our teams are structured, how we plan for career trajectories, and what it was like when she transitioned from a large company like McKinsey to a boutique consulting firm.

A few of the questions Janna answered during the virtual AMA on September 9, 2022:

  • Tell us about your career path. Why did you almost leave consulting?
  • What interested you in Luminary Labs before you joined?
  • What were the major differences when you moved from a large firm like McKinsey to a boutique consulting firm?
  • What was Luminary Labs like nine years ago? How have things changed?
  • How does leadership at Luminary Labs set up employees for success? What does professional development look like at LL?
  • We have a number of open roles now. What are the types of positions, and how do people progress from role to role?
  • How are teams organized at Luminary Labs?
  • What does the day-to-day life on the strategy team look like? How is it different for other teams?
  • What’s next for Luminary Labs? What changes are you navigating now, and how do you approach that?

Watch the recording.

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Jessica Hibbard
Head of Content & Community
Naomi Naik
Senior Communications Associate