Future of health

Health is placing big bets on the future — from distributed clinical trials and digital therapeutics to reinventing primary care and prevention — and we help ambitious organizations rethink what’s possible. Over the past decade, we’ve helped life sciences and health organizations innovate while balancing near-term expectations by identifying where business priorities, emerging technologies, and customer needs meet.
Future of health

Our Work

Finding new and better ways to address Lyme disease

Promising ideas for preventing, diagnosing, and treating the most common vector-borne disease in America.

7 healthcare organizations on opening up

Innovation leads from Novo Nordisk, Takeda and Johnson & Johnson discuss the benefits and challenges of health-tech partnership.

Accelerating new vaccine technologies

The $50 million Patch Forward Prize will incentivize partnership to advance microneedle patch-based RNA vaccines.

Neuromod Prize brings new solutions one step closer to patients

Phase 2 winners invited to conduct IDE-enabling studies in Phase 3.

What everyone should know about climate change and vector-borne diseases

Climate impacts many aspects of human health — Lyme disease is just one example.

Luminary Labs joins ARPA-H Investor Catalyst Hub spoke network

Nationwide network of organizations is working to accelerate transformative health solutions.

Building an ecosystem of support for suicide prevention innovation

An update on Mission Daybreak, VA’s multiyear initiative to support the development of promising suicide prevention innovations.

Luminary Labs awarded BARDA contract to launch Project NextGen vaccine innovation prize competitions

$100 million, five-year initiative targets improved vaccine technologies through prize competitions.

Funding and accelerating innovative suicide prevention solutions

How VA’s Mission Daybreak catalyzed investment in a problem that matters.

Health 2025: Investing in people, technology, and real systemic change

Insights and analysis from a survey of 101 health executives.

Mission Daybreak awards $11.5 million to Phase 2 winners

New suicide prevention solutions will save Veterans’ lives.

From problem to prototype

Empowering patients and physicians to make informed decisions.

Making a smarter bet on digital health

Aligning customer needs with business goals.

How big is the opportunity?

Measuring the impact of an improved experience on the vaccination rate.

Designing for speed and urgency

How the KidneyX COVID-19 Kidney Care Challenge used open innovation to address a crisis.

Introducing new technology to an age-old health problem

A virtual accelerator closes the gap between concept and viability.

Taking the long view on digital health data

Laying the infrastructure for digital biomarkers.

Forming a moonshot investment thesis

Healthcare places a bet on the role of data science.

Moving from product-centric to customer-centric strategy

What it really takes to innovate around the customer’s needs.

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