How big is the opportunity?

Measuring the impact of an improved experience on the vaccination rate.


A global pharmaceutical company wanted to better understand the opportunity to address a perceived issue related to the vaccination experience. Is the issue real? What’s the size of the problem — and does it merit further investment?


Vaccination only works to prevent disease if a certain percentage of the population is vaccinated. Many organizations are focusing on the systems, supplies, and facilities that would help the world’s neediest countries access vaccines. In the rest of the world, reducing risk and eradicating disease requires an ongoing effort to both increase and maintain immunization levels. Could we better protect the population at large — and assess the size of potential business opportunities — by considering overlooked aspects of the vaccination experience?


Much of the existing research on our area of inquiry looked at specific populations and geographies, or at the patient experience through different lenses. To see the full picture, we had to make sense of disparate pieces in a complicated puzzle. Balancing quantitative and qualitative research helped us discover what we know, what we don’t know, and where we might find overlooked opportunities.

Our desk research across targeted regions included a thorough review of dozens of scientific papers, reports, and articles, along with an analysis of conversations in online support groups and forums. Design research — conversations with patients, providers, technology experts, and internal stakeholders — deepened our understanding and helped bring the data to life.

Thoughtful synthesis led to strategic insights: a summary of which vaccines had the potential for the greatest lift with the appropriate interventions, with leading insights on what those interventions — and the business opportunity — might look like.