Infrastructure, once narrowly defined as investment in bridges and roads, is experiencing a renaissance. However, multidimensional frameworks are still considered novel, funders are cautious but curious, and practitioners are few and far between. Infrastructure can no longer be limited to physical — it’s also digital and social, and it must support the end goals of equity and shared prosperity.

Our Work

A $100 million initiative to protect our planet

The Bezos Earth Fund launches a Grand Challenge to multiply the impact of climate and nature efforts using modern AI.

Prizable climate opportunities

50 ideas for using open innovation to address one of the world’s greatest challenges.

Coming soon: AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge

Luminary Labs to design and produce $100 million Grand Challenge on behalf of Bezos Earth Fund.

Designing and building future-ready K-12 education environments

$2.2 million Learning Landscapes Challenge is accelerating infrastructure solutions to deliver and connect learning experiences across contexts.

Luminary Labs to design and produce Phase 4bc of MagQuest

Final phase of competition will support Phase 3 winners as they deploy nanosatellites and collect geomagnetic data.

Using open innovation to address a crisis

What leaders can learn from more than 300 open innovation initiatives launched in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

How open innovation can help solve 21st-century public health problems

Sara Holoubek, Dr. Megan Ranney, and Kumar Garg issue a call for cross-sector collaboration on new, comprehensive public health solutions that work for everyone.

How open innovation can create smarter and safer cities

A new prize competition brings fresh perspectives — from fields like data science, civic tech, and epidemiology — to biothreat detection and public safety.

Redefining fast, accurate drug detection

How the Opioid Detection Challenge used open innovation to advance new hardware solutions.

Using open innovation to source unexpected solutions

How MagQuest embraced the benefits of prize competitions to meet a mission-critical challenge.

Expanding the next-generation manufacturing workforce

American schools reinvented through makerspaces.

Other Insights

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