Coming soon: AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge

Coming soon: AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge

Luminary Labs to design and produce $100 million Grand Challenge on behalf of Bezos Earth Fund.

Climate change and threats to nature are among the world’s most difficult problems. Nearly half all humans live in areas where climate puts daily life at risk — adversely affecting human health, nature, and our built environment. While modern innovations have contributed to our current dilemma, they can also be tools for change. People are already using AI to monitor greenhouse gas emissions, detect methane leaks and forest fires, increase the efficiency of renewable energy, and hold each other accountable. But we need to do more — and we need to do it faster.

This week at TED2024 in Vancouver, the Bezos Earth Fund unveiled an AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge, which will award up to $100 million in funding. Designed and produced by Luminary Labs, the Grand Challenge will seek modern AI solutions that address climate change and nature loss. The Grand Challenge will launch in May 2024, and will invite proposals from practitioners, researchers, and innovators in universities, nongovernmental organizations, private companies, and global organizations. 

Climate and nature organizations working on the ground understand global frontline conditions and what it will take to make an impact. But many practitioners don’t have the technology expertise, infrastructure, or funding to apply AI solutions on their own. Meanwhile, AI technologists and startups understand the potential and practical application of rapidly evolving technologies, but may not have experience implementing climate or nature solutions on the ground. The Grand Challenge will fuel new collaborations and leverage our collective intelligence to accelerate impactful AI-powered climate and nature solutions. Rapid deployment of targeted funding — combined with access to mentorship and other in-kind resources — will accelerate innovation and nurture solutions to difficult problems.

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