Anna Pierce

Senior Designer


Anna Pierce is a Senior Designer at Luminary Labs, where she uses design to strategically express daring ideas. She enjoys translating findings into visual identity systems, data visualizations, illustrations, and other mediums. Through design, she champions intention, design-led research, and accessibility for all.

Prior to Luminary Labs, Anna was a graphic designer for Lone Mountain Land Company, a land development and real estate company in Big Sky, Montana. In this role, she honed her craft and applied the company’s brand across many different applications. With her freelance practice, Anna partnered with impact-driven organizations to design behavioral health campaigns, climate action proposals, and a guide to starting your own business. She has a particular affinity for creative data visualizations that give meaning to datasets.

Anna holds an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons School of Design and a BFA in Graphic Design from Montana State University. She spends her free time baking and writing a blog on design thinking. When she isn’t in a gallery, you can find Anna fly fishing in a river, attempting to catch a fish.