Winnie Chang

Design Manager


Winnie Chang is Design Manager at Luminary Labs, overseeing the Design & Insights team. She specializes in defining and shaping desirable futures, working alongside project teams and organizations to align goals and translate visions into reality. Winnie applies and manages design approaches that better inform systems, processes, and experiences across all project portfolios. 

Prior to joining Luminary Labs, Winnie was the Design Lead at UNICEF’s Office of Innovation. Her work at the intersection of emerging tech and humanitarian challenges supported teams in the development of open-source, scalable solutions that accelerated results for children. Winnie has deep expertise in design research, workshop facilitation, and human-centered design, as well as in startup mentorship across blockchain, data science/AI, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, and WebXR portfolios. Winnie has also worked as a researcher, educator, and visual designer, focusing on equity-related issues such as building awareness around toxics in the affordable housing industry, as well as on developing methods for democratizing conversations about the future.

Winnie received her master’s in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons’ School of Design Strategies, where she has since served as faculty. She also holds a Bachelor of Design from York University and Sheridan College in Canada, as well as a certificate in French from L’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). 

Outside of work, Winnie enjoys ordaining the occasional wedding and embarking on exciting food adventures. She can often be found picnicking in the park.