Jess Song

Senior Associate


Jess Song is a Senior Associate at Luminary Labs. Her diverse background in mental health, nonprofit programs, instructional design, and content strategy allows her to quickly identify patterns in complex, intersectional challenges and find human-centered solutions. She delights in finding the “why beneath the why,” dissolving barriers, and turning vague ideas into reality.

Prior to joining Luminary Labs, Jess developed and scaled programs for vulnerable groups, such as survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, underserved Asian communities, and LGBTQ youth. As a personal project, she created and taught frameworks for emotion-focused journaling. Jess utilized her trauma-informed communication skills to create marketing, growth, and content strategies for emerging startups, nonprofits, therapists, and coaches in the tech industry and entrepreneurship circles.

Jess holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from CUNY Hunter College and has an academic background in fine arts. Born and raised in New York City, Jess lives for the slow moments found in bookstores, cafes, and parks, where she enjoys browsing, reading, and painting. Jess is conversational in Korean.