Jonathan Roberts

Senior Director


Jon Roberts leads Luminary Labs’ scientific discovery and infrastructure portfolios, guiding public, private, and nonprofit clients to connect dots and advance American competitiveness, equity, and prosperity. He has overseen a number of groundbreaking projects in these domains, including the Neuromod Prize, MagQuest, CTE CyberNet, and the LymeX Diagnostics Prize.

Before joining Luminary Labs, Jon led boutique consulting teams in Boston and New York. He was responsible for building digital business units, redefining brands, and democratizing value delivery on behalf of market leaders in agriculture, industrial manufacturing, financial services, and health. He also worked on strategy teams at UBS Wealth Management Americas and with the Clinton Health Access Initiative in sub-Saharan Africa.

Jon has a particular passion for helping people reach and push past their potential. He is responsible for several professional development programs at Luminary Labs that provide and expand opportunities for all to thrive. Outside the office, he serves on and was a founding co-chair of the Bowery Mission’s Associate Board, a group of emerging leaders serving New Yorkers experiencing homelessness and hunger.

Jon holds an A.B. in Government from Harvard University. His pre-consulting operatic career has limited present utility, but is useful when he performs with the Choral Society of Grace Church in New York and largely tolerated by his wife and dog.