Caitriona Daly



Caitriona Daly is an Associate at Luminary Labs. She is fascinated by human behavior and brings extensive experience in ethnographic, behavioral science, and marketing research to her work with organizations facing big challenges.

Prior to joining Luminary Labs, Caitriona was a Senior Insight Analyst at Olson Zaltman Associates, where she used storytelling and human-centered design to translate complex topics into actionable insights for clients across industries. Her research on how the unconscious mind impacts decision-making inspires a deep passion for healthcare and other problems that matter.

Caitriona received her B.A in Urban Studies and Communications Rhetoric from the University of Pittsburgh. When she’s not at the office, she’s probably at her yoga studio, exploring the city, or wrangling her book club. She’s always looking to hear a new story or share a new music recommendation.