Bernice Wong



Bernice brings a multidisciplinary background to her role as a Designer at Luminary Labs. She uses her graphic design skills to create compelling visual experiences and employs design thinking to discover opportunities for change.

She is motivated by designing for personal agency in the context of complex, networked problems. To this end, Bernice oriented her graduate thesis around exploitation in our modern labor system, culminating in a suite of design provocations which included an international remittance app and an advocacy pop-up shop. Her prior work and studies have taken her to live for brief periods in Paris, Toronto, Melbourne, and Shanghai.

Bernice received a Bachelor of Commerce from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia where she specialized in Marketing and Sustainability, and an MFA from the Products of Design Program at the School of Visual Arts. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Bernice has a deep love for all things in the great outdoors.