FAQs for future Luminaries

FAQs for future Luminaries

Join the team working on problems that matter.

If you’ve been following our work, you may have noticed that Luminary Labs is growing. We’re working on a number of initiatives with world-changing potential — including a new CDC challenge to address the urgent need for blood lead testing — and we’re hiring strategy and innovation consultants who want to be a part of our high-performance, high-impact team in New York. If you are inspired by who we are and how we work, please check out several new opportunities to be part of our growing team.

We often receive messages from job seekers who are considering applying for an open role at Luminary Labs, but can’t always reply to each person who reaches out via LinkedIn or other channels. So we asked our team to share the most frequently asked questions they have received from candidates, and we’ve answered them here. You can also learn more about the types of work we do and how we collaborate through our “ask me anything” video series.

FAQs: The application process

I don’t have a traditional consulting background or don’t meet all the qualifications in the job post. Should I still apply?

Yes, we encourage you to apply, even if you don’t have traditional consulting experience or don’t meet all the qualifications in the job post. Our shared values help us create a learning environment where curiosity is celebrated, thoughtful consideration is paramount, and bravery is encouraged. Every Luminary is on a journey of continuous learning and growth.

I’m not sure which role to apply for. Should I apply to all?

We recommend that you apply to one role and state in your application if there are other roles you are interested in. Our team will take this into account and will reach out if we feel you are better suited for another role.

Do job postings stay up for long? I just saw an open role.

Luminary Labs recruits for many roles on a rolling basis, so it may not be too late to apply. We value thoughtful applications, and a real human reviews every cover letter, ensuring that each candidate’s unique skills and experience are considered during our hiring process.

Why does Luminary Labs require cover letters?

We require cover letters because we genuinely care about understanding who you are, what interests you, and why you want to work at Luminary Labs. Additionally, as consultants who often write for and on behalf of our clients, communication skills are integral to our work. Cover letters help us assess candidates’ communication skills.

Can I talk to someone before I apply?

Unfortunately, we don’t facilitate direct conversations before applying. However, our team carefully reviews every cover letter and resume. Hiring managers are responsible for choosing which candidates advance. If you do know someone on the team, feel free to mention it in your cover letter.

FAQs: Types of roles

Does LL offer contract or freelance roles?

Sometimes. Check our careers page to see open contract or freelance roles.

Are international/remote applicants eligible to apply?

Full-time employees must be authorized to work in the United States. Employees are expected to live in the New York City (tri-state) area and join our team in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays most weeks. However, some international and remote applicants may be eligible for contract or freelance roles. Work location and authorization requirements are listed in each job posting.

Does LL offer internships?

We do not offer traditional internships. In 2022, Luminary Labs launched its inaugural work-based learning program, welcoming two part-time Junior Associates to the team. In 2023, we once again worked directly with local high schools to employ two CTE (career and technical education) students to support our work with the U.S. Department of Education. For more information about future work-based learning programs, subscribe to our Lab Report newsletter.

FAQs: The LL team

Why do employees have to come to the office twice a week?

At Luminary Labs, we value the benefits of in-person collaboration and believe it enhances team dynamics, particularly among those who don’t work together on a daily basis. We have collectively embraced a hybrid model for our five-day workweek, with two synchronous days in the office and three days wherever you work best. The team gathers in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays most weeks, and those days are designated for in-office collaboration. This ensures that company-wide meetings, social events, and collaborative working sessions — where face-to-face interactions matter the most — can be meaningful and effective. We’ve thoughtfully designed the rest of the week to accommodate focused, uninterrupted work with “heads down” blocks. Employees are welcome to work from the office any day of the week.

How can I learn more about the team and the projects you work on?

To learn more about each Luminary’s background, we encourage you to explore our Team page. To dig deeper into our work, delve into our four focus areas: the future of health, the future of work and education, scientific discovery, and infrastructure. Stay up to date on the latest news and announcements — including new job postings from Luminary Labs and our extended network — by signing up for the Lab Report, our weekly newsletter.

Our AMA video series features live, virtual conversations with Luminaries, offering an inside look at a range of topics — from what day-to-day interactions are like to how we plan for career trajectories. New members of our team often mention that these videos were helpful to them during the application and interview process.


Naomi Naik
Senior Communications Associate