The frontiers of open innovation

The frontiers of open innovation

Celebrating the past and envisioning the future of the NASA Tournament Lab.

This week, the NASA Tournament Lab is commemorating its 10-year anniversary with a special workshop. Open innovation leaders from NASA and other agencies are sharing how NASA and the federal government have used crowdsourcing to solve important problems, and in the process, created a powerful new — and open — way to achieve ambitious goals.

Luminary Labs first joined the NASA Tournament Lab in 2015, and we were awarded a second open innovation services contract in 2020. Our work with NASA includes designing and producing multistage open innovation challenges — such as MagQuest, the Opioid Detection Challenge, Ready for Rescue, and the Hidden Signals Challenge — to identify and advance solutions on behalf of federal agencies. At this week’s event, Luminary Labs President Janna Gilbert joins a private-sector “Crowdsourcing Companions” panel to share insights from MagQuest, a $2.1 million competition we designed and produced on behalf of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

NASA’s open innovation story is just beginning, and we’re honored to continue our relationship with the Tournament Lab. We are beginning work on the LymeX Diagnostics Prize and a prize competition for the National Institutes of Health’s SPARC (Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions) initiative, and we’re hiring for newly created open innovation roles (including directors, engagement managers, and senior associates) to support an expanding slate of clients and projects. Learn more about our focus areas and join us as we help clients place big bets and launch groundbreaking initiatives.

To help the NASA Tournament Lab celebrate the past and envision the future, we’ve compiled a list of Luminary Labs resources for future-ready leaders in government agencies, nonprofit foundations, and private-sector companies.

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Photo credit: NASA