The State of Open Innovation

Our 2018 report features insights from open innovation leaders at AstraZeneca, Bayer, City of Pittsburgh, MIT Solve, Mozilla, Nestlé USA, Pfizer, Schmidt Futures, Verizon, UCLA, and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

The State of Open Innovation 2023 survey is now open. If you oversee open innovation initiatives in your organization, we want to hear from you.

Access the State of Open Innovation report:

Collaboration is the new competitive advantage,
and across sectors, we’re witnessing the emergence of a new way to win. In this landmark survey, nearly 100 private sector, government, and nonprofit organizations share how they are using open innovation in pursuit of new approaches to complex problems.

Inside the Report

Making the business case.
Why are organizations investing in open innovation? What is the rationale for change, and what is the evidence of the evolution?

Benchmarking the practice.
What does open innovation look like today, and how are organizations overcoming obstacles on the path to maturity?

Shaping the future.
Where do we go from here? How will open innovation grow — inside organizations and beyond? What will it take to truly transform the way we work?

Learn what nearly 100 organizations shared in this inaugural cross-sector survey, offering a wide-ranging overview of the state of open innovation today.

Download the 2018 report for 30 pages of analysis, charts, and benchmarks. Insights include a look at how organizations are executing open innovation programs. The average respondent said they were sponsoring or executing 4+ types of open innovation activities and sought to achieve 4+ tactical goals — demonstrating the elasticity of open innovation and its potential to address a range of needs.

Benchmarking open innovation activities:
Co-creation and participatory design are the most common activities across sectors and industries.

Of course, open innovation is more than an activity; it is a philosophy.

While some executives may still see open innovation as a budget line item or isolated activity, those responsible for open innovation believe it is dramatically changing how their organizations will compete (and win) in the years to come.

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