2022 conferences: a crowdsourced list of must-attend events

2022 conferences: a crowdsourced list of must-attend events

Luminary Labs’ fourth annual list of crowdsourced conferences

Over the past two years, the way we gather has radically shifted. Fully virtual events removed geographic barriers and made conferences more accessible, diverse, and inclusive. But online convenings — and the tentative return to in-person events — have also helped us realize everything we’ve missed about gathering in the same place.

Luminary Labs conducted a survey from February 3-16, 2022, to crowdsource a list of the year’s most anticipated events. We also wanted to track shifting attitudes toward attending events. A majority of respondents plan to attend both in-person and virtual events this year, and a sizable percentage plan to only attend in-person events. Last year, half of respondents to our 2021 survey told us they planned to exclusively attend virtual events — but this year, no one said they would only attend virtual events.

Anecdotally, we’ve heard that even people who were happy to take a break from conferences in 2020 are once again eager to bump elbows with strangers and make small talk in a convention center hallway. One survey respondent told us that in-person conferences have actually been better during the pandemic because only the people who want to be there make an effort to attend.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the reasons to attend a conference are evergreen. As in past years, most people are in it for the networking. Learning is another top goal, followed by gathering competitive or industry intelligence and making deals or partnerships. For startups, in particular, meeting new people and making connections within an industry can be critical.

Our annual list of crowdsourced conferences, now in its fourth year, is organized around Luminary Labs’ focus areas, with an additional category for events that offer broader coverage of topics across futurism, technology, and innovation, including open innovation.

Where do you go to expand your network or find inspiration for your next big idea? If you don’t see your favorite event on this list, email editor@luminary-labs.com to let us know where you’ll be this year.

Future of work and education

Future of health

Scientific discovery


Futurism, technology, and innovation

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