Coming soon to a city near you

Coming soon to a city near you

Connect with the Luminary Labs team at an upcoming conference.

Our team just returned from San Francisco, and on the heels of the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, we’re already looking ahead to where we’ll be next. Different conferences are good for different things — which is why we want to be in different places throughout the year.

At some events, we’re looking for what’s new and what’s next. At others, we’re seeking connections and conversations with a specific type of audience. But no matter where we go, we want to connect the dots across our focus areas: the future of health, the future of work and education, scientific discovery, and infrastructure. We also want to ask important questions that transcend topics and industries, exploring intersections with climate, equity, and economic prosperity.

If you’re also thinking about the future and considering new ways to solve thorny problems, we’d love to connect with you this winter and spring. Say hello to the Luminary Labs team when we’re in a city near you.


Space Exploration Educators Conference (SEEC), February 8-10

Analysts predict the space industry will be a $1.4 trillion business by 2030, and like any growing sector, building the workforce is critical. Our Middle Grades CTE Accelerator team will host a panel on “Building the Space Education Ecosystem” to explain how early career exposure can help foster interest and expand career pathways.

Los Angeles

ViVE, February 25-28

We’ll be on site to support the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Mission Daybreak session, featuring innovations in suicide prevention and mental health. If you are a Veteran or working in behavioral health, we’d love to see you at this session. Our future of health team is also on the lookout for ambitious innovators working at the forefront of digital health.


SXSW EDU, March 4-7

We’ll lead a panel discussion on “Space Skills for Careers on Earth” with speakers from NASA, the National Space Council, and the University of Central Florida. Our future of work and education team is looking forward to meeting people working on new learning models, delivery methods of the future, AI, and education R&D.


COABE National Conference, March 17-20

More than 40 million Americans — nearly one in five adults — read below the equivalent of a third-grade level; expanding access to adult education and training opportunities can empower learners and uplift communities. We’ll showcase the winners of the Future Finder Challenge and lead a session on digital career navigation for a changing workforce.

Washington, D.C.

World Vaccine Congress, April 1-4

The team supporting our BARDA partnership will talk with innovators who are advancing the development of improved vaccine technologies. We’re looking forward to connecting with and making connections between innovative RNA vaccine and microarray patch developers.

San Diego

ASU-GSV, April 14-17

Our future of work and education team will be on site to have conversations about edtech investment and scaling innovations in learning delivery. We’re looking forward to connecting with education leaders, funders, entrepreneurs, and innovators from around the world.


Young Health Leaders Summit, May 16-17

Our future of health team is energized to engage with the next generation of changemakers in health. Stay tuned for the Luminary Labs session, and keep an eye out for us at the ice cream truck.

New York

Smart City Expo USA, May 22-23

We are thrilled to be leading a thought-provoking discussion on how we will value labor in the future and what the Earth’s 8 billion people should be learning right now to thrive in the age of generative AI.