A first look at our new website

A first look at our new website

When I founded Luminary Labs in 2009, the world was at an inflection point: organizations were navigating the greatest recession of our time while evaluating the potential business opportunities that new technologies and ways of working presented. Executives knew that innovation would be key to survival, and yet there was no playbook. We quickly found ourselves helping organizations place big bets on the future, operate in a more agile fashion, mobilize resources, and develop partnerships to turn great ideas into great realities.

This month, we launched our new website, telling the story of our work by presenting six areas of expertise: business strategy, digital transformation, open innovation, future of work, future of health, and smart cities.

You might notice that we don’t use the word “vertical,” and that’s intentional. The future of health is contingent upon digital transformation. Business strategy points to new partnering models and open innovation. Smart cities invest in the future of work. Across these “thorny problems that matter,” our work has a common theme: we balance near-term expectations with long-range planning, while considering emerging technologies and new ways of working, to help organizations thrive in the face of change.

In recent years, we’ve helped numerous companies lay the groundwork for strategic investment and plan for enterprise-wide innovation. We also helped the U.S. Department of Education answer how AR/VR simulations can prepare students for the jobs of the future. We helped Merck and Amazon answer how voice technology could improve the experience of a person recently diagnosed with diabetes. And we helped NASA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security answer how open and non-traditional datasets can help cities identify biothreats in real time.

You’ll find these throughlines across the website — not just in the “work” section. The Lab Report, our publication for future-ready executives, features news, insights, and timely truth-telling that helps innovators make sense of new opportunities. (Sign up here to receive the Lab Report straight to your inbox.)

As Luminary Labs approaches its 10-year anniversary in 2019, our team has grown and our work has broadened. But one thing remains the same: the set of principles that guide what we do — and how we do it.


Sara Holoubek
Founding Partner and CEO