Accelerating the development of Lyme disease diagnostics

The LymeX Diagnostics Prize announced 10 Phase 1 winners.

Meet the winners

Advancing interventions to improve math achievement

The Institute of Education Sciences announced finalists in the IES Learning Acceleration Challenges: Math Prize.

Meet the finalists

Expanding effective education models

Luminary Labs will design and produce Middle Grades CTE Accelerator on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education.

Read the announcement

Reimagining career navigation

The U.S. Department of Education‘s $1 million Future Finder Challenge invites innovators to build digital tools that better support adult learners.

Learn more about the challenge

Reducing Veteran suicides

Mission Daybreak, a $20 million grand challenge from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, announced Phase 1 awards.

Meet the finalists

Designing technical assistance that supports innovation and innovators

How the Rural Tech Project has created time and space for convening, collaboration, and connection.

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Advancing bioelectronic medicine

The Neuromod Prize is bridging the gap between early-stage research and clinical use, bringing innovative neuromodulation therapies to patients.

Meet the Phase 1 winners

Designing a national challenge to inspire transformational STEM learning experiences

How CTE Mission: CubeSat brought space missions to high schools

Read the case study

Incubating a national cybersecurity teacher professional development initiative

How CTE CyberNet strengthened cybersecurity education in high schools

Read the case study

Exploring and developing innovative approaches to enhancing education

Luminary Labs awarded ED ARPA contract by the U.S. Department of Education.

Learn about the contract

Advancing artificial organs

KidneyX announced Phase 1 winners in the Artificial Kidney Prize.

Meet the winners

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Lab Report

News, analysis, and timely truth-telling.

2023 conferences

The fifth annual crowdsourced list of must-attend events.

A 2023 glossary of design terms

15 definitions for building a shared design vocabulary.

Calibrating our shared compass

We had revisited our values before, but this time felt different.

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