5 questions to ask your team when planning for 2022

5 questions to ask your team when planning for 2022

Thinking beyond innovation to reimagine how systems work

We’re halfway through 2021. In many ways, this year has been just as challenging as the last. But there’s also a feeling of possibility in the air: We never expected a vaccine to be available so quickly. Parking spaces have given way to bicycle lanes, dining, and entertainment. And fashion rules no longer exist. It’s prompting some to think beyond innovation to reimagine how systems work.  

Across sectors, many leaders see this window of time as an opportunity to champion the changes they’ve always wanted to see. But even if the moment is right and you’re eager to embrace new approaches, change isn’t easy. As we enter 2022 planning and budgeting season, we propose that executives engage their teams to collaboratively answer these questions:

  • What are we holding onto from the past, and why? 
  • Which business choices could shift from a binary mindset to one of optionality — and how might that benefit the organization?
  • What new methodologies should your team consider adopting?
  • Do you have more latitude to experiment, and if so, is the price of failure different than in the past?
  • How should the budgeting process shift to ensure that your aspirations become a reality? 

Luminary Labs is curious about how organizations are navigating this moment. What are the areas of greatest opportunity, and what can we expect to see next year? Responses to our 60-second flash survey are confidential; we are not asking respondents to provide names or contact details. We’ll share a summary of results in a future issue of the Lab Report. Take the survey.

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels.