Are pharma’s patient support services a good fit with patient needs?


… Holoubek warns organizations take a risk in assuming patients will warm to every support offering. “There’s that issue of ‘what do patients need?’ versus ‘what do we think patients need?’” she notes. “There is still not enough understanding of what a patient, customer, or caregiver wants and whether the brand or company offering [support] has permission to do this.”

To this point, Holoubek offers an analogy to another vertical. “We’ve seen brands try to enter other spaces that seem like they could be a fit, but you eventually find they might not have the know-how and relationships to provide [a support or service offering], much less permission. Do you want to buy your music from Coca-Cola or Pepsi?”

Read more of Luminary Labs CEO Sara Holoubek’s comments in the September 2018 issue of MM&M magazine.