COVID-19 open innovation index

COVID-19 open innovation index

200+ open innovation initiatives to address the coronavirus pandemic

Published March 25, 2020 · Last updated May 21, 2020

In February, Luminary Labs began tracking open innovation initiatives — from challenges and hackathons to open data projects and open-source hardware — that seek to address COVID-19 and the virus that causes it. A few months later, the index has grown to more than 200 initiatives sourced from our extended network. 

The index is now part of CovidX, a Luminary Labs initiative to identify opportunities for the government, private sector, and nonprofits to accelerate meaningful innovation and build a more resilient future. Explore the open innovation index on the CovidX website

New initiatives are added to the index each week. To receive updates in your inbox, subscribe to the CovidX Digest. Add an initiative to the index: Complete the submission form.


Sara Holoubek
Founding Partner and CEO
Jessica Hibbard
Head of Content & Community