Reorganizing for digital transformation

A global digital center of excellence to meet local market needs.


A leading pharmaceutical wanted to know: What does it take to be a global digital leader? A proven scientific front-runner operating in 67 markets, the company had not prioritized digital capabilities. As a result, the company’s mindset, vision, and execution varied widely across functions and regions.


From identifying unmet needs to developing data-driven business models, value creation in the healthcare industry is contingent upon a digital mindset.


We developed the framework, staffing plan, and investment case for a global digital center of excellence. After our top-level audit of existing capabilities worldwide revealed unexpected gaps, we prioritized activities to ensure a global baseline for digital competencies and a structure for accelerating digital experiments—across regions, and at scale.

Senior leadership secured a budget of $25 million to stand up a 42-person global digital center of excellence, taking into account the needs of 14 priority markets while establishing global standards. The team was shaped by highly adaptive talent, which evolved to meet the changing needs of the organization.