Advancing how we measure Earth’s magnetic field

Advancing how we measure Earth’s magnetic field

The World Magnetic Model is embedded in thousands of systems — supporting navigation for smartphones, commercial airlines, the military, and more. Today we launched MagQuest, a $1.2 million open innovation challenge on behalf of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, to advance how we measure Earth’s magnetic field.

This prize competition, designed and produced by Luminary Labs through a contract with the NASA Tournament Lab, calls for new ideas to increase the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of geomagnetic data collection. MagQuest brings many of our passions together — business strategy, scientific rigor, and open innovation. We’re honored to pursue a proactive solution to a challenge of this scale and magnitude.

World Magnetic Model

The challenge aims to inspire domestic and international solvers to apply their expertise to spaceborne, aerial, terrestrial, and other potential solution areas. Solvers from small businesses, academic institutions, labs, startups, and other organizations are encouraged to enter the competition.

Do you know innovators working in geophysics, aerospace, CubeSats, drones, or related areas? Let them know about MagQuest and invite them to attend the informational webinar on April 4. Phase 1 submissions close on May 16.