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Julia Wu
Julia Wu

Julia is a Senior Strategist, Communications at Luminary Labs, where she also leads team development projects.

Julia enjoys helping her clients gain clarity, uncover insights, and build plans for meaningful impact. She can often be found gathering Luminaries to spark new ideas and put them into motion.

Prior to joining Luminary Labs, Julia worked as Director of Marketing Strategy at Bond Strategy and Influence. In that role she helped global brands adapt to digital and worked with indie filmmakers to design campaigns for their most vocal fans. Julia also previously worked at OMD as a digital strategist and prior to that, built fundraising capacity for an arts organization. Julia designed and taught a branding bootcamp series for Food + Tech Connect.  
She received her B.A. in Comparative Literature from NYU, and is still lives in the realm of culture and stories. Outside of work she can be found playing with her two kids, enjoying quiet, and listening to way too many podcasts.