The Human Company Playbook

Events, Business Design

Today we are delighted to share Version 1.0 of the Human Company Playbook.  Designed for the startup community, the Playbook offers practical examples of how growth companies can embrace policies that are both human- and profit-friendly.  

How it all began: in April 2015, Luminary Labs convened a broad cross-section of founders, thinkers, and doers for a discussion on how employee-favorable policies are shaping 21st century business models.  Over the course of the evening, we discussed the forces behind this sea change, generated examples of new and creative business imperatives, and together, started writing a guide for the more human startup.   (See the Flickr album here)

Following the event, we curated examples from a diverse set of growth companies such as Plated, Birchbox, Pinterest, and General Assembly to form the Human Company Playbook. While no single policy or company is perfect, it is our hope that this compilation will provide practical examples for the startup community from those who have paved the way.  We welcome you to share the Playbook below, and to read more from our CEO, Sara Holoubek on Medium.