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Announcing the Launch of HealthDataChallenges.com

Health, Open Innovation

We are thrilled to announce the launch of HealthDataChallenges.com, a new public resource fostering the transformation of health and healthcare, as part of our partnership with the Health Data Consortium.

Our CEO and founder, Sara Holoubek, and the CEO of the Health Data Consortium, Dwayne Spradlin, were interviewed to discuss how, why, and for whom HealthDataChallenges.com was created. During the interview, Sara said, “We have seen lay people, academics, patients, physicians, designers, developers, data-mavens, and corporate executives, develop novel approaches to improving health and healthcare. If you have ever had felt that little tug that you could apply what you know to improve health or health care, I encourage you to enter a challenge.”

To read Sara and Dwayne’s full interview and learn more about HealthDataChallenges.com, click here!