Case Studies

How does a global organization launch and sustain an agile approach to customer engagement?

Luminary Labs worked closely with a large pharma company to conceive, develop and launch an agile digital platform to engage its patient customer base. Now in its third year, this independent business unit has transformed the company’s relationship with its customers while developing internal competencies and delivering ongoing business insights.

A Time to Think Differently

In 2010, a leading healthcare company faced critical partner gaps as it evolved its digital assets from brand-centric to engagement-centric, with the end goal of creating an authentic dialog with its patient customers.

Luminary Labs was tapped to build internal competencies, develop a new partner model, and stand up an agile digital team that would strengthen relationships with the community while yielding ongoing business insights.

Build Smart and Build Fast

Following a cursory analysis of the organization’s needs and its partners’ competencies, Luminary Labs curated expert teams in the areas of experience design, development, content strategy, audience development, web analytics, and business intelligence to develop a custom digital platform that engages customers, delivers rich insight into unmet needs, and tests new service model concepts in consideration for development or acquisition.  

Throughout the process, we forged new guidelines for working with legal teams, laying the regulatory groundwork for this first-of-its kind program in its industry.  

Learn and Iterate

This symbiotic relationship with patients has allowed the platform to adapt and respond appropriately, shifting the organization from a campaign view of the world to an ongoing intelligence model.

The Impact

The program helped build internal competencies for the client, delivered an effective means of engaging with customers, and has transformed the brand’s relationship with its community.  Now in its third year, the platform has grown to serve changing brand needs and is viewed as an industry-wide case study that has been featured prominently in business press.


Foundational Strategy
  • Landscape analysis
  • Customer insights
  • Concept generation and validation
  • Legal considerations
  • Staffing plan
  • Platform development
  • Experience design
  • Content and editorial strategy
  • Partnership development
  • Piloting and feasibility testing
  • Design, prototyping, and target user validation
  • Launch, test, optimization
  • Content management
  • Platform analytics and measurement
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Communications and go-to market
  • Audience development

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