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Not all strong cultures are human cultures

An essay from Luminary Labs founder and CEO Sara Holoubek is featured in The Culture Book, an anthology of stories and advice on corporate culture building.

Introducing Human Company Design at Northside and Almanac live

We shared our findings on how organizations are investing in employee-friendly policies to create value.

The Human Company Playbook

Practical examples of how growth companies can embrace policies that are both human and profit-friendly.

Luminary Labs on air

With a growing number of companies releasing their diversity data, our CEO, Sara Holoubek, made two timely appearances to discuss women’s leadership:

Luminary Labs in Fastco: On achieving business agility

What happens when a consultancy practices what it preaches? In Fast Company this month, our CEO Sara Holoubek shares how she applied an agile approach to Luminary Labs’ […]